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You've Heard of Alexa. You've heard Of Siri. It's Time To Meet The PRIB.

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The Perpetual Residual Income Builder from Ibuumerang International (Incorporated 1th March 2019).

Our Ai technology is the first of its kind and will offer so many services under the 1 umbrella. (Our Uber moment with the recent launch of VIBERIDE and 3 months from the launch of BUUM MOBILE (USA wide tariff offering unlimited texts, unlimited minutes & unlimited data for a total of $49.95 per month. Cut-price movie tickets are also on the horizon, as well as discounts on gas/petrol/diesel).

Currently we give away a free travel-booking platform that gives travellers up to 70% savings on hotels, beach resorts, cruises, car rentals, flights, excursions, airport transfers & restaurants worldwide.

You can stay in 5 star resorts at 2-3 star prices (with family or as a single/couple) in some exotic locations with our "I-go" travel platform. It's free to try and free to keep. All we need is your full name & email address to get you set up with the savings (use it whenever you're ready to), so request yours NOW!

There is a catch. The catch is that you email me a selfie on your first savings experience.


For a free platform send your full name and email address or cell number, depending how you want to receive your free platform to: kenny.ibuumerang@gmail.com

Feel free to view our exclusive, interactive 10 minutes presentation here: https://umustsee.net/IPS7EA

PLEASE NOTE: On the link above, your phone number is only required if you want to receive your free travel platform by text message, otherwise your name and email address is sufficient.